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how to choose the orientation of your first business

Hello everyone!


it’s Carol your business coach !


we will present you several business idea to launch you on the internet.



The first question to ask yourself before you start is:


Which business niche will you choose?


Several possibilities are available to you:

So, to help you here are 5 business niche ideas for the internet.


number one



income supplement online



Making money online is one of the most sought after niches; it’s easy to understand why.


It’s not the easiest entry market, but there will always be people looking to earn more money,

especially on the net or it has become easier.

For starters, you can take the starter pack product, which we have specially created for you.


This affiliate product has been a big success for several weeks.

you can find the link in the description.





Number two



Everyone would like to get rich quickly.


That’s why this niche is very popular and very popular with customers.


The offer is also varied (forex, gold and so on ..)


With good and bad programs that preach you to earn millions in three months.


Rather tempting but dangerous to promote this type of offer,

then lose customers because of a bad product that does not work.


So made like us, try your products yourself before selling.



We have a products in forex that is tested and approved, we put you the link in the description.



Number tree


Become more muscular



It may seem strange, but there are people who are too skinny.


In general it is men but some very thin or formless women want to find

a healthy solution to gain weight, especially muscle.


Men are willing to spend huge money on their protein drink and their supplemental help.









Number four.


Weight loss


Who does not know a person who wants to lose weight.


With sofa, TV, video games and junk food mode

This trade is not about to stop growing on the contrary.


People who want to lose weight are always looking for the new method to lose weight.


for example: The new dances in fashion (zumba),

the new device for the abs, the new fat burner more efficient.



Number FIVE.


The health


The health food supplement and essential oils market is growing every year.

It is close to the market of weight loss and muscle gain.


The key products of recent years are spirulina, maca, vitamin B12 and so on …


You’ll understand the market is huge.

In this market, you also have the training method to reduce diabetes,

blemished facial pimples, have a baby or brain pain, stress, sciatica and so on …




Well, that’s all for this video, if you do not hesitate to put a thumbs up

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See you soon.

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