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Hello everyone!
Today, I wanted to talk to you about your future.
In my daily life, 
I see many people who experience their daily lives.
Whether with a job he does not like or a tyrant boss, 
or just because their work does not make sense to them.
With this website, 
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I make available to you a complete training,
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his knowledge that you will acquire by registering you 
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It’s time to get on the bandwagon and learn to sell,
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It’s time to become free.

What do you choose?


join us or stay in pain!

It depends only on you.

I wish you a day full of success and openness.


happiness and freedom it is decided!

The rest is only a question of will and time.
Matthieu CARRE


See you later.



5 regrets of people at the end of life who should make you think

Life is sometimes so short, 
and it has barely been experienced that you have to leave. 
This brevity of existence drives many people
to live their lives to the fullest,
without worrying about tomorrow. However, 
people who have lived for a relatively 
long time are well placed to talk about the meaning of life.
In this article, I revisit 5 regrets of people 
at the end of life that must be taken 
into account to succeed in one's own life.

5 regrets of people at the end of life: 
Not having lived their life

"It's better to live your life than to suffer it" Marie de Solemne

 number one is The regret of not having lived his life 

is the first of the 5 regrets of people at the end of life.
By this they mean that they 
have not necessarily chosen their profession, 
their spouse, their goals, or even their place of residence.
Due to a too strict education, and sometimes because of parents
who want to fulfill themselves through their children, 
many people have missed out on their existence. 
Just a few months ago, a member 
of Thinking and Acting told me that 
she was crying at the thought o
f not having tried to be a painter,
her passion of youth. Instead, 
she worked for a major retailer for 40 years.

Think about living your life. 
Follow your passion Make your own mistakes. 
If you let yourself be dictated by your choice of adults 
or the people you love, your existence may be very unfortunate

Second regret: To have worked too much to the detriment of his family

In Japan, where overtime peaks at 100 a month, 
a 3-year-old child once told his mother, 
"Mom, a gentleman has just entered the living room." 
He had not recognized his father who was leaving when he slept, 
and returned when he was already in bed for 36 months.

Before he dies, 
imagine yourself confessing to your child: 
"I should have worked less and spent more time with you. 
I thought I was doing it for your good, but I was wrong.

It's cold in the back, no?

It is not only in Japan that the problem arises. 

We work hard, but often too, we work too much. 

This work is done at the expense of a normal family life, 
time spent with his children. 
There are days when this excess of toil is not necessary. 
Do not wait to die to build relationships with your family. 
Save time for them. 
You will even earn less work because 
it will allow you to be more efficient. 
So do not do like those parents who end up 
regretting their over-investment. 
Your family needs you too. 
Money and gifts never solve emotional problems. 
If you are aware of it, you will make the right choices 
in life to meet the needs of your family.


Third regret: Not having expressed feelings

More than one person at the end of life regretted an unfinished love, 
or one that did not even begin. 
This is perhaps the most common 
of the 5 regrets of people at the end of life. 
This case is classic: in his youth, a young woman met a young man, 
and it was love at first sight. But for some irrational reason, 
neither she nor he had the courage to speak. 
And years later, one of them said in a monotone tone, 
"I should have told him that I liked him".

The problem with this 4th of the 5 regrets of people 
at the end of life is that we do not go back in time. 
Hundreds of men and women have gone 
by the side of a beautiful love story.
Often, they have never forgotten 
this person encountered in their youth.

The lesson for you: talk about your feelings. 
What do you know? They can be reciprocal. 
And if they are not, they can make the loved one reflect. 
And if not, where is the problem? 
You will never regret it in the evening of your life. 
Through this guide, you will learn 
to express your emotions and feelings, 
and to live your love affair thoroughly.

Fourth regret: Have not maintained any real friendship

Living without friends is clearly missing his life, 
all people at the end of life will tell you: 
we can live without friends, 
but it is a life that is not worth it. 
Many friendships are broken by pride, 
indeed it is enough of a conflict, 
of a badly placed sentence, 
and one does not speak any more during months, even years. 
This attitude inevitably leads to regrets among people at the end of their lives.

Sometimes shyness and unhappy friendships 
prevent us from going to each other. 
If that's your case, 
I invite you to read my article on how to make new friends. 
He will suggest some tricks for you to live your friendships thoroughly 
and to be happy in the evening of your life. 
And if you have problems going towards others, 
it may be interesting to learn how to overcome your shyness.

Fifth regret: refusing to agree a little happiness

This 5th of the 5 regrets of people at the end of life is very common. 
Many people regret having waited for happiness instead of looking for it. 
Happiness is a choice, and sometimes we only understand it at the end of life. 
Some people refused to change, for fear of the unknown, to enjoy more intense happiness. 
Think about living your life in the present moment rather 
than constantly hoping for future happiness that would never be satisfied.

To avoid this ordeal, put some madness in your life and get out of your comfort zone. 
Allow yourself things that you do not usually do. 
Everything that comes out of the routine and spice up your life also contributes to your happiness. 
Do not be afraid of change, you must dare. Indulge yourself and do it regularly; 
this attitude will save you from regretting these little pleasures that give life their full meaning

What Is Your Happiness Formula?

Can happiness be as simple as x+y = joy?

Not exactly, but our expert, a former Google career development manager and the author of ,

shows you how to create your own personal equation for self-satisfaction and well-being.

One morning, I was sitting at my desk, bleary-eyed after returning from a week of travel.

All of a sudden, I had an out-of-body experience as I watched myself angrily slam my fists

on my desk in exasperation because my wireless mouse got disconnected for the umpteenth time.

It was a cartoon moment: Every item—books, papers, speakers—jumped

2 inches in the air and scattered back down.


I am not normally an impatient person,

but that morning my fuse was short, if not completely blown.

I couldn’t fix my mood with mental gymnastics or ignore it—clearly that had not been working.

Then, it occurred to me: It had been five days since my last bout of vigorous exercise.

My eyes darted from my clock, to my to-do list, to my email in-box.

I didn’t exactly feel like I had the time for a short run, but I certainly didn’t have the time for hair-trigger frustration

and a sour mood the rest of the day either.

Everything on my list could wait the 20 minutes

it would take to get some endorphins flowing.

I laced up my running shoes and headed out the door.

Sure enough, after a run and a cup of coffee, my mood and productivity bounced back.

One of the keys to being agile in life is knowing how to quickly find your way back to equilibrium.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to pivot from a place of anxiety or unhappiness.

Your ability to navigate change will be severely hampered if you are weighed down by people, habits,

an environment or activities that drain you.

Your happiness formula is the unique mix of environmental factors and activities

that are most likely to invigorate you and reset your energy batteries when they are running low.

When you search for a place to stay on Airbnb, you narrow down the choices with criteria such as price, location,

size and amenities. Your dream room might be someone else’s nightmare.

Think about your happiness formula elements as life filters, t

he search criteria that help clarify your priorities and rules of thumb for making you most fulfilled in a given day or week.

Think of your happiness formula on a micro level—day-to-day routines and 5-to-20-minute habits—and on a macro level of bigger choices,

like where to live and work. What micro and macro elements are most important to build into your life?

For example, your ideal setup might contain a mix and match of the following:

Happiness Formula Elements

3 Steps for Finding Your Happiness Formula

1. Reflect your current morning and evening rituals. How did the past few days go?

Rate how you feel about your overall balance of activities on a scale of 1 to 10.

What’s working best in your life at the moment? What’s missing? What would a 10 look like?

2. Aim for quantity as you fill in your chart.

Don’t censor yourself; just go with whatever comes to mind.

Make a list of three to five activities that energize you most for each section.

What daily activities and morning routines are must-haves for your happiness formula?

What macro lifestyle factors are most important? For both categories, note what you are doing well and what you may be missing.

(To get your creative juices flowing further, fill out this more in-depth .)

3. Express your happiness formula as an equation by identifying elements across the three M’s:

  • Must-haves: Choose three items from the lists above that most energize you (and that help save your sanity in stressful times).
  • Multiplier/s: Choose one or more booster elements that supercharge your day or week.
  • Minuses: Choose one or more elements to subtract that are no longer serving you: habits, fears, mind-sets or shoulds that you want to let go of.

These elements combined look something like this:
[(Ritual 1 + Ritual 2 + Ritual 3) x Booster] – Barrier/s to Drop = Daily Happiness

Personalize your formula until it fits.

The goal is to capture your most critical foundational elements.

You can even give it a fun name or label, the result on the other side of the equal sign,

that serves as a shortcut for how you want to feel when enacting these routines.

For example, I have one to two hours of windup rituals before I sit down at the computer.

I meditate, journal and then read a nonfiction « brain food » book with tea.

After that, I make a list (or double-check the one from the previous day)

of what top three strategic and creative tasks are most important to complete in my morning sprint

before meetings start. By the time I sit down for work, I am focused and ready.

Following this ideal day structure, my happiness formula is:
(Reading + Meditation + Journaling) x Exercise (Yoga, Pilates or Walk-and-Talk with a Friend) + (Creative )

— (Email Anxiety) = Morning Ninja

Here’s another example from author .

His formula is:
(Creating) + (Friends and Family) + (Traveling) — (Being Scared) = Meaning Over Money

And from painter , whose formula is written in sets of three:
(Meditation + Reading Art Books + Drawing) x (Gym + Wake Up Early + Time with Partner)

— (Junk Food + Toxic People + Procrastination) = Spiritual Warrior

Your happiness formula doesn’t have to be set in stone.

Think about it as recipes—pick three ingredients at a time for an energizing morning or relaxing evening routine—

and keep tweaking until you find a few standbys that consistently activate your best self.

After you’ve crafted your happiness formula, remember: Happiness—the way we traditionally describe and seek it

—is elusive, like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.

We chase and chase, never quite catching the peace we seek,

by the very nature of being in a mode of pursuit.

The more we chase happiness, the more it escapes us.

So don’t fret. Trust your formula and enjoy creating a routine out of what makes your heart sing.

You will be most fulfilled by pursuing meaning, growth, impact and connection directly,

thereby letting a calm, purpose-filled happiness emerge as a natural byproduct. 

30 Rules to Help you Simplify your Life

To simplify my life is something that I have been striving for lately. A life with less clutter in my mind, body, and surroundings. I find myself at peace and full of my most fulfilling happiness when I am simplifying my life. Living in calm moments and caring for myself.

As an overachiever, I keep myself pretty mentally stimulated and like it that way. Work, books, blogging, social media, emails. You know the drill.

I know a lot of people can relate. We all have our own busy schedules. This life can get a little crazy and run away from us sometimes, which leads to stress and feeling overwhelmed before we are even aware of it happening. Let’s be honest, this happens more than we would like to admit. However, there is a solution! A holy grail of possibility that will save us from ourselves. And it’s really quite simple.

We just need to simplify things a little bit!

The benefits of simplifying your life are huge. You will reduce stress, gain confidence, enjoy a healthier wellbeing and enjoy a deeper sense of gratitude for the simple beauty of your complex and unique life.

It is important now more than ever to take a little time to change our thoughts, habits, and lifestyle. To become better more full humans for ourselves, our loved ones and the world. Seriously, simplifying your life is the best way to amplify it, turn up the volume on what you love and reduce the white noise of what you don’t.

30 tips and rules to help you simplify your life. Simplify your lifestyle to reduce stress and amplify happiness each and every day.

1. Make a list of the most important things in your life

Write down the top five most important things in your life in no particular order. Use this as a mindful reference. When life gets overwhelming or you feel stressed revert back to your list, mentally.  “Is the thing that I am spending time and energy on one of my top 5?” This is a simple exercise that can do wonders for defusing your stress levels.

2. Make time for your mental health

Taking time to practice mental health by reading, yoga, meditation, therapy or simply chatting with a friend is a good way to stimulate your mind and boost your overall wellbeing.

3. Get a planner

Keeping track of appointments, deadlines, events, and occasions is a great way to prioritize your time. Causing less stress because of procrastination or forgetfulness. Don’t forget to schedule in time for yourself.

4. 10-minute de-clutter each day

De-Cluttering a little each day has helped me not only have to do less on the weekend when I do most of my cleaning. I enjoy my home all week long due to it being clear and clutter free.

5. No social media for an hour before bed or when you wake up

Give yourself time to gently enter or end your day without the onslaught of news, headlines, and ads.

6. One garbage bag of junk

A quick way to simplify things in your home is to commit yourself to donate or trashing one bag of stuff. See my blog post 89 Things to Remove from your Home & your Life for some inspiration. Check out my post on 89 Things to Remove from your Home & your Life to help get you into the downsizing spirit.

7. Ask for help

Maybe this means asking for a little extra help at work or getting help to clean your house, or putting your kids in daycare once a week. Don’t feel guilty getting a little help can help you simplify in so many helpful ways.

8. Give yourself a day

Make time for some self-care at least once a week. Check out my post 12 Winter Self Care Activities to help inspire you during these cold wintry months.

9. Clear your workspace when finished

Clear your workspace when you are finished so when you start your next project you are ready with a fresh clean slate.

10. Spend more time in Nature

There is no better way to simplify your life than to connect with something greater than you, which for me in nature. Whether it be a short walk in the park or a camping trip, being out in nature is a perfect way to reconnect with our primal natural selves.

11. Simplify with a morning routine

Being productive first thing in the morning can shape a beautiful day ahead. Check out my own Morning Routine for some direction in helping you create your own.

12. Properly unwind before bed

Read a book, meditate, turn down the lights, don’t use your phone, have a cup of tea. A good nights sleep is the most effective way to rejuvenate yourself.

13. Read motivating material

Wheather it is through blogs, news articles or books. Consuming motivational and positive material is a great way to keep you grounded and connected to simplicity.

14. A little physical activity each day

If you find your workout routine too daunting and stressful, simplify it a little bit by taking a walk around the block or doing a 5-minute stretch instead. Eit, er way make it a priority to get moving a little each and every day.

15. Meditate

Buddhist’s have known this for thousands of years and now the scientific world is backing it up. Try incorporating just ten minutes of mindful breathing into your day and slowly establish a deeper connection to your truest self and your thoughts.

16. Do your least favorite tasks first

At work, with chores, at the gym. Get the most daunting tasks out of the way first and then it will occupy no space in your mind while you are doing the activities you want to be doing.

17. Watch less TV

Try spending that extra time on something more productive or a new healthy habit or a fun hobby.

18. Make a budget & pay off debt

Debt complicates life in so many ways. Developing a plan and budget may seem like work but in reality, it will save you time, stress and funds in the future. Ridding yourself of debt is one of the most effective ways to simplify your life.

19. Downsize or reduce

When you have less material things you have less you need to worry about replacing or spending money on. Downsizing is a wonderful way to simplify your life and reducing can help you cut stress and worry.

20. Say no more often

This could mean saying no to a social engagement, to a project at work, to baking cookies for a potluck. Say no every once and a while you cant do everything.

21. Eliminate toxic people from your life

If you have someone in your life who does not add to it in a positive way you need to eliminate them and their drama. Life is too short to deal with toxic people indefinitely.

22. Take a Timeout

When in the middle of a stressful situation of any kind take a time out if possible. Whether it be an argument, an assignment or a decision. If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed then switch to a completely different task and take a break. Return to the task with a clearer head and new perspective.

23. Make home your sanctuary

Take practical coziness into account when decorating your home. Being in style is important, however, having a place you can return to and at the end of a long hard day in order to properly unwind and relax is also important. This may simply mean a fuzzy blanket and warmer lighting. Or it could mean a paint job or new photos on the wall. Whatever you decide, just be sure to make the changes you need to make your home sweet home calm and relaxing. Check out my Hygge checklist to help get you inspired!

24. Gather consistently with smaller groups

Having a small close group of friends and family that you are close with is such an important part of our wellbeing and happiness. Simplify things a bit by gathering for lunch, playing games or watching a movie with your close and intimate friends more often, rather than making all social engagements large get-togethers, parties, and events.

25. Pick up a hobby

Crafting, baking, blogging or reading. Research shows that engaging in our hobbies makes us happier and can possibly help us live a little longer. Find what inspires you and invest a little time into it. It’s your life after all.

26. Always value your time and others

Valuing your time means spending it with the most important people, and doing the things that you love. Simply put if you don’t value your own time how will anyone else?

27. Reduce how much news you consume

Check in on the happenings of the world no more than once daily. This could mean changing your Facebook feed, reducing tv time or steering topics of conversation with your friends and family away from current politics from time to time.

28. Reduce hypotheticals

Dealing with facts in stressful moments will help reduce anxiety, anger and even resentments towards people. If you want answers to something try to gather the facts don’t assume on hypotheticals.

29. Drive slower or leave earlier

If you are the type of person who is always late then you may be familiar with the stress-induced time spent in your car trying to get to meetings, work or events. Leaving 5 minutes earlier will help you to drive more slowly and take your time. That way if there are delays you have a little wiggle room.

30. Don’t invest in your expectations

Stress and disappointment is a direct result of having expectations that did not work out. Whether it be the raise you were hoping for, assuming your partner took out the trash or expecting to lose 10 pounds in one week. goals and expectations are different beasts. Hope for a result, communicate your want for the result and work towards the result but don’t expect it to always work out that way.

30 tips and rules to help you simplify your life. Simplify your lifestyle to reduce stress and amplify happiness each and every day.

How to Practice Self-Care and Feel More Energized

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